Retracing The Many Calamities Of The Parker Family On ‘The Detour’


Like anyone else charged with making sure their developing bundles of bad ideas don’t stick anything into an electrical socket, Nate and Robin Parker (Jason Jones and Natalie Zea) make small mistakes as parents. They also make a few big mistakes and a few “can be federally prosecuted” mistakes. But… honestly, they’re doing the best the can with their kids, Jared and Delilah (Liam Carroll and Ashley Gerasimovich) and this is a judgment-free space in as much as something on the internet can be.

Created by Jason Jones and Full Frontal‘s Samantha Bee, The Detour fixates on the massive missteps, awkward moments, and calamities that just seem to be karmically linked to the Parkers as they try to make their way up and down the coastal United States. And yet, The Detour is also a testament to the idea that love can conquer all from losing your house to being stranded at sea, and with the third season set to debut on January 23 (at 10:30PM on TBS), we thought we’d pay tribute to the indomitable Parkers and all the things that nearly proved them domitable.

When Nate Handled Getting Fired In The Worst (Best?) Way

It wasn’t the spirit of family unity and memory making that inspired Nate to trade the family’s Florida plane tickets for a mega-road trip. He’d been fired and had designs on winning his job back (a plan he didn’t tell the family about) with the help of his massive nuts and a few bags of mystery product that he had jacked from the lab on his way out the door. And if the theft of company property wasn’t a high enough hill to overcome in his effort to not have to feed his family on a panhandler’s salary, Nate also went out in a blaze of glory and fire extinguisher foam.


When Nate Was Unready For The Ultimate Pissing Match

Air travel is the best. You get places faster, you get those little wings, and you don’t get piss thrown in your face. At least, not literally.