The Devil Is Pleased To Meet You In The First Trailer For ‘Lucifer’

Fox has announced that they’ve picked up Lucifer for a midseason replacement quicker than they rolled out a trailer for it. And it’s an odd mix of the concept from the comic and a cop show.

For those unfamiliar, Lucifer, the comic, spins off from a plot arc in Sandman where the title character quits running hell due to both boredom and frustration and starts running a piano bar in L.A. Needless to say, he doesn’t have a quiet retirement. The show seems to have kept quite a bit from the comic, although characters have been tweaked. One thing that does stay the same is that Lucifer, played here by Tom Ellis, was never precisely evil; he’s unpleasant, certainly, but his fundamental point was always that humans did terrible things of their own volition, and then blamed him for it.

As for how the show will play out, Len Wiseman did quite a good job with Sleepy Hollow, and showrunner Joe Henderson knows the rogue/straight man pairing thanks to his time on White Collar. That said, one hopes they’re up on their 30 Rock; this could quickly turn into God Cop.

(Via Blastr)