The ‘Girl Meets World’ Theme Song Is A Good Excuse To Check In With ‘Boy Meets World’ Conspiracy Theorists

05.20.14 4 years ago 20 Comments

Here’s the theme song and opening credits for Disney Channel’s new Boy Meets World spinoff/sequel thingy Girl Meets World. It’s, uh, about what you’d expect, I guess. There’s dancing and paint fights and smiling and lyrics about taking on the world. One dude is riding a huge white horse inside the gymnasium. I bet the school’s janitor is going to love that.


Watching this video reminded me that’s it’s been way too long since we checked in with my favorite website in the entire world, the Boy Meets World Illuminati Tumblr. Let’s see what they’ve been up t-… aaaaaaaand they’re comparing Topanga to the 9/11 hijackers.

From a post last month recapping the Season 5 episode “The Witches of Pembroke.”

After Jack and Millie talked about the Halloween party tomorrow, the scene changes to Topanga and Cory going in a plane to Pittsburgh. They’re going there to visit Topanga’s parents.

While they’re flying, you can see Cory doing an Illuminati hand sign by forming a triangle/pyramid with his two thumbs. This was done for a reason.

Topanga has a fear of flying so she “took over” the plane to get over her fear. Just like how the “9/11” plane was taken over (hijacked).

Once Topanga took over the plane, it shows the plane like it’s going to “crash”.

Cory did an Illuminati hand sign while he was inside the plane showing that the Illuminati have a plan to take down the twin towers on “9/11” by hijacking planes and crashing it on the twin towers.

This was a subliminal message to the planes that crashed on “9/11” that happened 5 years after October 31, 1997.

Oh… oh my.

Actually, no. Hold on. That’s too good. Too out there. It has to be fake. Has to be. It’s still a hell of an accomplishment even if it is, because the site has been updating very regularly with long, researched posts even though each one only gets like 4-5 notes each. I respect the commitment, if nothing else, but you won’t be fooling me this time, Kimmel.

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