You Can Now Make That Calendar From ‘The Good Place’ Finale For Yourself

The Good Place is gone forever, but it turns out the show had one last gift for fans that came from the final episode of the beloved NBC comedy that aired in late January. Mike Schur’s four-season saga is done for good, as (spoilers) the gang finally figured out a system for the afterlife and ran their course in The Good Place.

The show’s final episode was an extended look at how they spent that afterlife and, in the end, what happened when they were finally ready to cease to exist. And fittingly, those periods of time in between each measured in bearimys. Perhaps the most emotional of those goodbyes came when Chidi wanted to leave, but Eleanor did not. It took her a while, but eventually she was OK with the love of her afterlife going ahead of her, and Chidi rewarded her with a gift to remember him by: a calendar with some choice photos of him for Eleanor to enjoy forever.

It was a sweet gift, one that had some callbacks to earlier episodes like a picture of Chidi wearing a Good Place mail carriers outfit. You know, the one that both Eleanor and The Judge really seemed to enjoy. Well ahead of Valentine’s Day, the show’s official Twitter account shared the calendar images so you can make your own Chidi calendar.

There are certainly some saucy images here, and the wrestling ones are hilarious.

But there’s also a bit of fun bonus content for fans of the show: we now know how a bearimy works. Yes, even the dot above the eye. And while the calendar may not work at all for anyone living, it is kind of fun to see the concept of a bearimy extrapolated out into different segments of the word and plotted out on a (somewhat) linear path.

The Good Place was a show about hope and the little things and one concept for how the afterlife may be, but to the very end it was also a very well thought-out show. Even when it comes to calendar gags.

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