A ‘Twin Peaks’ Star Loved That The Show’s Mysteries Were Answered On ‘The Good Place’

The Good Place is finally a real place, and now we know some of the perks of being a very good person on Earth include solving some of TV’s biggest mysteries. The penultimate episode of the NBC comedy aired on Thursday night, with the gang (spoilers) finally getting a glimpse of the afterlife for those good enough to not be tortured.

The episode had a number of rapid-fire references in the Good Place, including a souvenir from Eleanor’s favorite wrestling moment. But one reference that got cult TV fans all excited was a bowl of Ring Pops that apparently offer some insight into Twin Peaks. The bowl was labeled with a sign that said ‘Fully Understand the Meaning of Twin Peaks,’ along with a hygienic little scoop to dig out your own already-unwrapped candy.

Given how layered and obscure the show was at basically every turn, that’s a very popular perk of the best place in existence for TV nerds. And a star of Twin Peaks certainly seems to approve of the reference. Kyle MacLachlan, A.K.A. Agent Cooper himself, tweeted an image of the bowl on Friday and praised the Good Place for “having everything.”

“It seems like #TheGoodPlace really does have everything,” MacLachlan tweeted. It was a tweet that was certainly appreciated by The Good Place writer Megan Amram, for whom “Patty” was her last episode on the show. As it turns out, she’s a huge Twin Peaks fan and worked hard to get the reference in the episode.

It’s nice to see fellow TV people getting along and appreciating each other’s work, and it only makes the end of The Good Place that much more bittersweet. These kind of moments were a touchstone of the show, and now all we have left is a single, final episode.