The Han Solo/Greedo ‘Justified’ Promo

FX debuted a new promo for “Justified” this week, and it manages to be kinda geeky while stoking the flames of my heterosexual man-crush on Timothy Olyphant (video below).

Throughout Season 1 of “Justified,” Raylan Givens (Olyphant) frequently displayed a working knowledge of pop culture and the Westerns that inspired the feel of the show, but this one may take the cake: while sitting in a dark bar with a bad guy, Raylan explains the Han Shot First controversy from Star Wars as a way of telling the bad guy that he’s perfectly willing to shoot him and falsify evidence to justify it (it’s also a subtle callback to the first scene of the series premiere). Why hello, nerd boner. I didn’t see you come in.

The new season starts February 9th. It’s the only thing that can save me from post-Super Bowl depression. Watch it or don’t show your face around here.