‘The League’ And ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Renewed, Will Move To FX’s Newly Launched Comedy Network

We discussed this way back in January, when it was still only a possibility. However, that possibility has turned into a reality, as FX has, indeed, decided to split into two channels, one for drama and one for comedy. What you’d expect to remain on FX will: The Americans renewed for a second season will return in January 2014. Justified, as Danger wrote earlier, has also been renewed and will also return in January. American Horror Story and Sons of Anarchy will remain, as well.

That’s not a surprise. The surprise is that FXX is not only a reality, but it will launch this year, on September 2nd, and to help launch the new network, The League and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia have been renewed for TWO additional seasons. Legit has also been renewed for another season. Oh, but what about Louie, you ask?

Louie, which is taking off a year, is rumored to be returning in May 2014. It, too, will likely land on FXX, along with the regular stable of FX comedies: Archer and I guess, Legit, if it is renewed. FXX will replace Fox Soccer and absorb its 75 million subscribers, and given the interest in FXX, I’m guessing that the new channel will not have a difficult time with cable providers who do not provide Fox Soccer.

FXX also plans to launch four new comedies in 2014, plus six the next year, and the channel will gradually role out late-night programming, as well. For now, Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell will expand to five nights per week, and two pilots vying for those new comedy slots in 2014 are How and Why from Charlie Kaufman, and Chozen from Grant Dekernion, Danny McBride and the team behind Eastbound & Down.

Younger skewing dramas may also debut on the new network, while FX continues to focus on dramas and mini-series, like Fargo, a ten-episode limited series based on the movie that has been ordered by FX. There are several other limited series on tap, as well, including the following (from an FX Press Release):

This series is an unflinching portrait of the Puritan settlers at Plymouth Colony and their uneasy alliance with the local Native Americans. The series will be executive produced by Gil Netter (Life of Pi, The Blind Side) and marks his first foray into television. Serving alongside Netter as Executive Producers are Dan Carey and Paul Giamatti (Sideways, John Adams).

Grand Hotel
In this series, an international luxury hotel in Paris turns into a hellish trap when it becomes the center of a terrorist attack. Written and executive produced by Richard McBrien (Merlin, Wallander), Grand Hotel will also be executive produced by Pippa Harris (Revolutionary Road, Jarhead), Sam Mendes (Skyfall, American Beauty), and Alain & Vassili Clert (Spiral).

Mad Dogs
Based on the British series and written by Cris Cole (Mad Dogs, The Bill), this series follows the reunion of four forty-something guys who head to Belize to visit their old school friend, when things take an unexpected and dark turn. Shawn Ryan (The Shield, Terriers, The Chicago Code) will serve as Executive Producer alongside Cole.

Based on the novel “Sutton” by J.R. Moeringher, this extraordinary journey begins on Christmas Eve 1969, when Willie “The Actor” Sutton – Irishman, lover, folk hero, and the most prolific bank robber in American history – stepped out of Attica Prison and boarded a plane for New York City, where he proceeded to take a reporter and photographer on a five-borough guided tour of his remarkable life and crimes. Written and executive produced by Rob Siegel (The Wrestler, Big Fan).

I like the plan. In fact, I think Rafi said it best.