The Second Season Of ‘The Leftovers’ Will Be A Bit Different

Until now, all we’ve known about season two of The Leftovers is that the series planned to take a creative departure (pun intended) from the book to examine how the rest of the world dealt with the tragic phenomenon, and then there’s the teaser that hinted at a departure-free town which HBO has been running constantly.

Well! We have some more details now (Spoiler Alert if you aren’t caught up on season one), and that town, Miracle, Texas (called “Jarden” in the teaser, but I assume it was changed for obvious reasons), will be the new home of the Garvey family. Kevin, joined by Nora and presumably Jill and Wayne’s baby who was left on the doorsteps of the Garvey home in last season’s finale, will be leaving Mapleton for good.

Damon Lindelof said at the Television Critics Association press tour yesterday, “This family wouldn’t want to stay in the place where they were, geographically or emotionally,” according to TV Insider. There’s also some details as to what the Garveys will find in this new town:

The Garveys form an immediate friendship with Miracle family the Murphys, including matriarch Erika (Regina King). “I am a mother and doctor who works in the clinic of my little town,” King said. “But there are some things you get to learn that’s behind that smile.”

While the actors remained tight lipped about their storylines, Coon teased that viewers will be able to see Nora operate as “a wife and mother again,” while Theroux emphasized that although the location is geographically different, the stakes are even higher. “It is this big beautiful open sky in Texas,” he said. “But they’ve created this kind of bizarre ant farm where the world is actually smaller and slightly more intense.”

So… they just end up in another cult, right? It basically sounds like another cult. Jeez, what is it with this show and cults? At any rate, Lindelof also teased that, amongst the new characters, some will return from the first season, including the leader of the Guilty Remnant, Patti (Ann Dowd), who famously offed herself in the most horrific way possible toward the end of last season.

“She’s still going to be on the show and we have a plan,” Lindelof insisted. “What we’re doing in the second season with her is fairly unique and we don’t want to use her as a Shakespearean ghost. She’s a huge problem that needs to be solved.”

The series is no stranger to flashbacks, so this might be hinting at something Patti did prior to her death that the repercussions are just now being felt. Either way, I can’t complain about the return of Ann Dowd, who was one of the more ominous and compelling characters from season one.

(Via TV Insider)