‘The Mandalorian’ Fans Are Demanding Gina Carano Be Fired Over Her Anti-Mask Tweets

On The Mandalorian, Gina Carano plays one of the good guys — or one of the few people our once-mysterious bounty hunter hero (Pedro Pascal) actually trusts. As seen-it-all mercenary Cara Dune, the former MMA fighter-turned-screen badass is one of the best parts of the show, finally getting a role she can sink her teeth into. It was almost a decade ago that Steven Soderbergh first tried to turn her into a screen star with Haywire, so it’s about time! And yet some Star Wars fans want Carano gone, and it’s not because of her acting.

Judging from her tweets, Carano is one of a small number of Hollywood players who are, if not fully on board with America’s ongoing president, then outspoken about supporting some of the things he believes. For instance, she thinks wearing masks to prevent yourself and others from contracting a highly contagious disease is stupid.

Carano also believes that voter fraud is happening, despite all evidence to the contrary (and all the “evidence” supplied by Trump minions being roundly debunked).

Throw in her making fun of pronouns and shilling for Parler — the “free speech” social media site that has become a hornet’s nest of conspiracy theorists, assorted bigots, and other people who would too easily be suspended from Twitter — and you have the makings of the “#FireGinaCarano” hashtag. Only three episodes into the new season, and the movement has gained some traction.

Some pointed out that Carano was aligning herself with the same people who made life hell for Star Wars colleagues like John Boyega and Kelly Marie Tran.

Some were more productive, offering actual alternatives.

There were also some more lighthearted suggestions.

Of course, these kinds of grass roots social media campaigns rarely lead to actual firings, so Carano can likely rest easy. (Besides, there’s still five episodes left in Season 2, so who knows what happens.) But if this one effect real change, at least Carano will get to spend more time hanging out with, uh, far right weirdos like Charlie Kirk.

(Via ScreenRant)