Peter ‘The Doctor’ Capaldi And Craig Ferguson Were In A Really Good Punk Band Together

There is probably one bloke out there who saw the news of Peter Capaldi joining Doctor Who and got mad that all the subsequent articles described him as the star of The Thick of It. “That piss-faced c*nt, I knew Cap when he was but a bloody punk playing for two pence to get him a fill of ale. Fergie, too,” Hypothetical Scottish Drunk says, referring to Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson. “They was boggin’ knobs then, and they is boggin’ knobs now.”

I would like to meet this man, and spend the rest of the day listening to the Dreamboys, Capaldi and Ferguson’s Glasgow-based post-punk band from the 1980s, with him. Not much is known about the former Bastards of Hell, other than what Capaldi discussed on the Late Late Show a few years ago, but the Doctor was the vocalist and Ferguson the drummer, and that in 1980, they recorded the very Bauhaus-y “Bela Lugosi’s Birthday.”

In the next series, I hope that instead of fighting the Cybermen, the Doctor takes on The Man.