The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Movie Was ‘Very Inspired’ By ‘The Walking Dead’

Paul Feig was one of Chris Hardwick’s guests this week on Talking Dead, which you’re forgiven for not watching because the Oscars were on at the same time (also, it’s Talking Dead). The creator of Freaks and Geeks, who will always be referred to as such, mentioned that his Ghostbusters reboot was “very inspired” by The Walking Dead. How so? Midway through the film, there’s going to be a commercial break with a terrible hashtag (#GhostBrainBusters).

“I will say, I was very inspired by this show,” Feig said when asked what connection the Ghostbusters might have to zombies. He specified, adding, “What I love is how they play with the danger, they play with the scariness, but also the idea that it’s always about gauntlet run. And that’s something, an element I want to bring to this Ghostbusters reboot is having to get through these various obstacles that are supernatural and all that. I really feed off of The Walking Dead.” (Via)

There are two kinds of “inspired” at play here. There’s what Feig said — something something “danger,” something something “gauntlet run” — and what he meant. Now starring as Slimer…


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