The New ‘Mad Men’ Trailer Is Vague And Mysterious, Obviously

03.25.13 5 Comments

The people at AMC have done a great job of telling us absolutely nothing about the upcoming season of Mad Men. Every week some new deliberately vague nugget will pop up for us to dissect and examine like the Voynich manuscript, and every week we end up an infinitesimal amount closer — at best — to knowing what’s going to happen this season. To recap:

That is it. That is all we know. And now there’s a new teaser trailer that somehow tells us even less. Damn you, Weiner! Give me something! Anything!

The one nice part about this trailer, however, is that it includes the scene from last year’s finale where the girl at the bar asks Don if he’s alone and he gives her that look AND OH GREAT NOW I’M PREGNANT AGAIN.

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