The Best Reason To Watch The Final Season Of ‘Dexter’ In 10 Images

The final season of Dexter is set to premiere on June 30th this summer, a couple of months earlier than usual because they Showtime wants to use its highest rated show to launch Ray Donovan, the great looking Liev Schreiber private detective show. Donovan is what I’m really excited about, but I’m also excited for the return of Dexter, mostly so we can get it over already. It hasn’t been the same since the end of the fourth season and the death of The Trinity Killer, and though I get my hopes up every year that it will have a stunning return to form, it always seems to disappoint. Last year was better than the fifth and sixth seasons, but it to fell a little flat, especially after the killed off one of the best parts of the season, Ray Stevens’ character.

But, it’s been confirmed now that the BEST thing about the seventh season of Dexter will return for the final season, making it also the BEST reason to watch the final season. Here’s a hint, in 10 images:

How much Yvonne Strahovski will be in the final season, we don’t know. We only know she has a “multi-episode arc.” With that piece of the puzzle in place, the only other wish that Showtime MUST grant in the final season is the death of Joey Quinn. Please. IF JOEY QUINN SURVIVES, WE RIOT.

Here’s the latest promo for the final season.