‘The Office’ Is Eyeing A 2018 Revival That Will Head Back To Dunder-Mifflin’s Scranton Branch

TVLine is warming the hearts of millions of fans of awkward cubicle relationships with the exclusive news that NBC is looking to revive The Office for the 2018-2019 season. Steve Carell reportedly won’t be back for the revival, but the series will once again be focusing on the worker bees of Dunder-Mifflin, with a “mix of old and new cast members.” According to TV Line, the search for a new regional manager of that particular “orifice” is underway.

The revival comes on the heels of Will & Grace‘s highly successful return, which has seen critical praise as well as appreciation from longtime fans. Reports have stated that NBC has wanted to return to 30 Rock as well as The Office for a while now, so this isn’t a total surprise. The network declined to comment on TVLine’s scoop, but the gears seem to be turning fast, which means a cold open that involves a lonely phone ringing as a shot off the interior of the Scranton branch is close.

Now it’s time to take the next step — wondering who will return and who will be gone from the revival. And most importantly, will Chili’s be back?

Jim and Pam are likely gone to Austin with Darryl, Andy might be living under a bridge somewhere, Stanley retired, and we know Kelly and Ryan are long gone. We also know that NBC’s Dwight Schrute spinoff didn’t work out, but Dwight owns the Scranton branch building, so we’ll probably see what he and Angela are up to, as well as check back in with Phyllis. It’s really all about Phyllis.

Kinda makes you wonder what the people from Parks and Rec are doing in Washington.

(Via TVLine)

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