Let Off The Fireworks: Pete Holmes Finally Fires Jubilee From The X-Men

The Pete Holmes Show just uploaded a new “Ex-Men” segment of Pete Holmes as Professor X firing the least useful mutants. He’s already knocked Angel for being just a bird, called Gambit garbage without his cards, and told Wolverine to get a journal.

If you’ve been watching these sketches, you’ve probably been wondering, “When is he going to fire Jubilee already?” That day has come. Light some sparklers to celebrate. (You don’t even need mutant powers for that.)

They call Jubilee “the cutest and most useless of the X-Men” in the video’s description, but this seemed more like an excuse for Pete to do his impersonation of a Skrillex concert. Not that we’re complaining.

We also enjoyed some of their slams on Jubilee, including “Maybe if Mister Sinister is robbing a bank while tripping on MDMA you could distract him.” and “You look like Hello Kitty’s best friend, Goodbye Kitty.”

Goodbye, Jubilee.