This Might Be The Most Heartbreaking Showcase In ‘The Price Is Right’ History

You should watch The Price is Right clip above without any context. I’ll wait.

Welcome back. I probably do not need to describe The Price is Right “Showcase,” as you have also spent time in a waiting room, but just in case: the winners of the Showcase Showdown (that’s the big wheel spin) compete against each other to take home a bunch of prizes, some more impressive than others. After the first showcase is presented, the highest-earner can either pass the showcase to the other contestant, or keep it for themselves by guessing how much it costs. Either way, both contestants will pretend to know the cost of a jet ski, or whatever. Whoever’s closest without going over, wins it. Also, Drew Carey is there. This is, all these years later, still a surprise every time.

The showcase for Jennifer, a contestant on the March 3 episode, included a video camera, a home theater, and a Nissan Versa. She guessed $23,294. Considering Robert, her game show enemy, was over by $6,083, she had a good chance of winning. “You bid $23,294,” Carey said, drawing out the tension. “The actual retail price is 23 thousand… two hundred… ninety… one.” Jennifer was over by three dollars. Three! My favorite part of the whole thing, above even the Ralph Wiggum-esque look on her face and Carey suggesting that she drown her sorrow in ice cream,” is the “buzz” sound effect that plays right after Jennifer’s heart is broken. It’s no “losing horn,” but it still stings.

Poor Jennifer.