‘Fleabag’s Hot Priest Lives Up To His Name In The Steamy ‘The Pursuit Of Love’ Trailer With Lily James

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: being an actor must be weird.

Look at Andrew Scott. The Fleabag and Sherlock star has won a BAFTA and a Critics’ Choice Award, and been nominated for a Golden Globe and an Emmy. He’s also an acclaimed theater actor. But for the rest of his life, whenever strangers see Scott on the street, they will yell “HOT PRIEST” at him. It’s what I would do.

There are worse things than to be associated with one of the best TV shows of the 2010s, and also be called “hot,” but it still must take getting used to. At least he’s not wasting his “hot” talents.

Scott and Lily James star in BBC’s The Pursuit of Love, “a romantic comedy-drama about love and friendship. An adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s celebrated novel and set in Europe between the two World Wars, the story follows the adventures and misadventures of the charismatic and fearless Linda Radlett and her best friend and cousin Fanny Logan.” That stuffy-sounding plot summary leaves out Lily James spitting bath water on her friend; Andrew Scott making out with a scantily-clad woman on the dance floor; and McNulty from The Wire screaming about how “an adulterous women is the single most disgusting thing there is.” It looks like a steamy good time.

Look out for The Pursuit of Love on BBC and Amazon Prime Video soon.