‘The Simpsons’ Goes Full ‘Big Bang Theory’ To Celebrate 30 Years Of Animated Existence

Prepare for a crash course in modern Simpsons history courtesy of the show’s latest couch gag. You might be surprised what makes the cut. *nudges you to look below*

As the show celebrates 30 years of animated existence, a Big Bang Theory parody has been whipped up to start Sunday’s episode. Using the convention of Big Bang‘s theme tune, we’re sent through a rapid-fire rundown of some of what’s gone down in Springfield. (This also makes this a de facto Barenaked Ladies parody and is essentially a major win for BNLheads like yours truly.) If you’re a lapsed fan, this will become incomprehensible to you about a dozen seconds and you’ll have to have a think if you want Selma and Abe getting together explained to you. That happened in 2007, by the way.

The couch gag is sort of like “They’re Never Stop The Simpsons” with less self-satirizing, come to think of it. Maybe Marge did become a robot in later seasons.

Even if some of the chosen highlights are unfamiliar, it all congeals as a welcome take on the gag. Heck, couch gags are arguably the most thrilling part of the series in this era. Give it a gander.