‘The Simpsons’ Predicted The Ebola Outbreak Is The New ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted 9/11

What else is Matt Groening not telling us? His show, The Simpsons, not only predicted the attacks on September 11th, but also the Ebola outbreak that’s increased Google searches for “am i going to die” by 837% In the 1997 episode, “Lisa’s Sax,” Marge offers to read a depressed Bart a book: Curious George and the Ebola Virus. He declines…UNLIKE THE U.S. GOVERNMENT WHICH AGREED TO KILL ITS CITIZENS. Anyway, only one citizen was brave enough to speak out about the “coincidence.”

His name is Gamblor, I mean, Thecontroversy7, and he speaks the #truth.

Is there something we are not being told? Is it by pure chance & coincidence that the Simpsons would do predictive programming? There has been numerous predictions from The Simpsons which revealed futuristic events which came to pass. What of the Ebola recurrence in 2014? Is it planned or is it just by natural means? Ebola was not in the 90’s, but it happened long ago in the mid 70’s… But The Simpsons reveal in late 90’s Ebola virus… Interesting right?

Right. Still not a believer? Get a load of this.

check out the date the episode aired October 19 that is 911 in reverse – this is a marvelous video – great research – great work – also 1997 that is “8” which is the Ebola virus 911 – 8 no coincidence there baby!!!!

I bet Waylon Smithers knew AIDS was going to happen, too.