Match ‘Simpsons’ Characters To Voice Actors With These Helpful Graphic Guides

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08.05.13 14 Comments


The internet is so great. One moment you’re perusing the webs for nothing in particular and the next you’re suddenly made whole by Simpsons main cast voice actor designation graphics you didn’t realize you’ve been searching for your entire life. As a moderate Simpsons nerd I’m ashamed to admit how many I would not have been able to answer off the top of my head, and as much fun as it is to get Kurp to recite all the characters by actor from memory before the match burns his fingertips this method is much more digestible.

Thank you random internet person who either made these or posted them to Tumblr without sourcing the creator. Your doing the lord’s work.

Also: Yeardley Smith had the best guidance counselor.







All that’s missing is a Phil Hartman memorial.

Via The Frogman

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