Tony Soprano’s Relationship With Bobby Bacala, As Told Through Tony’s Insults

09.11.15 3 years ago


One of the many seasons-long relationships explored by The Sopranos, Bobby Bacala is first introduced as a meek whipping boy who Tony gives the emasculating task of caring for his Uncle Junior, whose been confined to house arrest while awaiting trial. Tony’s animosity eventually lessens as Bobby becomes an integral part of his two families, while never quite seeming as though he is someone he completely respects.

Here’s a look at how their relationship evolved through a series of Tony’s most critical insults to Bobby on The Sopranos (available to stream on HBO Now).

“You tell that fat f*ck Bacala to come out from his mouse hole. I want to see him tomorrow.”



While visiting his Uncle Junior in prison, Tony, now the unquestioned head of the family, tells him he wants to meet with Bobby. When Junior asks him why, Tony simply hangs up the phone and leaves, again flaunting his victory against him.

“Why don’t you get the hell out of here before I shove your quotation book up your fat f*ckin’ ass!”



For Bobby’s formal introduction, Tony and Silvio meet with him in the back of Satriale’s Pork Store, as Tony explains his new role as caretaker for Junior. While informing him that Junior gets to “keep his stripes,” Tony now owns everything that was previously his. As Bobby starts to leave, he offers a bit of philosophical insight, saying “to the victor, go the spoils,” which Tony clearly doesn’t appreciate.

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