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Neil Patrick Harris will host the Tonys this year, which will air June 7th on CBS.  And seeing as how he singlehandedly raises “How I Met Your Mother” from “watchable” to “really pretty funny despite the tool who plays the lead,” I would be inclined to watch the awards ceremony.  If, you know, it weren’t about Broadway.

In a statement Harris said, “The discipline of live theatre – doing the same perfect thing night after night, eight times a week – never ceases to amaze me. I’m truly honored to have been chosen as the Master of Ceremonies for this year’s Tony Awards, and I hope to help provide a first-class evening for all.” [Playbill]

The real challenge to hosting the Tonys this year will be wresting the title of “Gayest Award Show” away from the Oscars.  And yes, the host is gay, and the awards are going to celebrate Broadway musicals, and at some point Harvey Fierstein will appear… but they’ve still got a ways to go to out-gay what Hugh Jackman did.  I mean, he just would NOT stop singing and dancing.  So, okay, new rule: anyone who wins a Tony has to sing their acceptance speech.  Bonus points for choreography.

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