‘The Umbrella Academy’ Tops Nielsen’s First Streaming Top 10 List, Followed By A Few Surprises

The Umbrella Academy‘s July 31 return to Netflix was a twist-filled blast that involved the Hargreeves siblings working to ward off another apocalypse in 1960s-set Dallas. It had fantastic action scenes, the weirdness that one expects from the characters, and plenty of cultural relevance to entertain the show’s rabid fanbase, which elevated the series to the top of the very first Nielsen Streaming Top 10 list, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Granted, this list is running on data that’s a month old and covers the week of August 3-9, but it provides an interesting glimpse into what shows beat The Office:

1. The Umbrella Academy, 3.01 billion minutes viewed
2. Shameless, 1.13 billion
3. Grey’s Anatomy, 918 million
4. The Office, 897 million
5. Criminal Minds, 697 million
6. NCIS, 524 million
7. In the Dark, 418 million
8. Dexter, 316 million
9. Supernatural, 315 million
10. Parks and Recreation, 304 million

Showtime’s Shameless being so high on the list (although still only 1/3 of total minutes as compared to The Umbrella Academy) has plenty to do with the show’s tenth-season arrival on Netflix. The Office, of course, made #3, followed by procedurals that are already airing on cable heavy rotation. People still can’t get enough of Matthew Gray Gubler or Mark Harmon, it seems, and seeing Supernatural (and its thirteen seasons) on the list makes sense, along with Parks and Rec, which recently aired a reunion special. Seeing Dexter on the list, several years after it went off the air, is a mild surprise, as is Grey’s Anatomy scoring near the top. It’s enlightening with more data to come, no doubt.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)