08.14.09 9 years ago 12 Comments

Jay-Z and Lady Gaga have been added to the list of performers at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, scheduled to air September 13th, joining Taylor Swift, Green Day, Pink, and Muse.  Jigga will perform a song from his highly anticipated The Blueprint 3, while Lady Gaga will dance around jerkily while wearing a weird outfit and three pounds of makeup.

As crotchety as I am with all things MTV, that’s a nicely balanced lineup of big names across the musical spectrum.  So I won’t nitpick about the music.  My problem with the VMAs is that MTV spends the two weeks before the show patting itself on the back by going over every single memorable moment in VMA.  “Look at that!  Madonna kissed Britney!  Howard Stern was Fartman!  What wild moment will happen THIS YEAR!?!?!”  It’s like, thanks MTV, but I really don’t like watching entities suck themselves off.

As for the video above (via Best Week Ever), I have to credit MTV for referencing a musical that was around for a half century before most the little retards watching “16 and Pregnant” were even born.  C’mon, who out there doesn’t love West Side Story**hums “I Feel Pretty**

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