‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Noticed A Detail In The Last Episode That May Doom A Character

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12.06.17 5 Comments


The mid-season finale of The Walking Dead eight season is coming up fast and you know what that means: there’s a very good chance a major character on the show is going to die. In the past, you never knew when someone was going to bite the dust, and there have already been some non-finale deaths sprinkled into the mix (rip Eric, Shiva, and ye olde Kingdom army). But the big ones definitely seem to be saved for the episodes before the breaks, and that’s what’s coming up now. So who is going to die?

It’s hard to narrow things down since everyone is always one walker bite or scratch away from death, and the Saviors are about to launch a massive counter-attack on the communities that tried to destroy them. But eagle-eyed viewers caught a bit of evidence in last week’s episode 7 that implies the melty-faced double agent Savior Dwight might soon get Lucille’d.

In a scene on the Sanctuary rooftop, Dwight held Eugene at gunpoint to try and stop him from launching a model plane designed to draw away the zombies surrounding their compound. What Dwight (and most show watchers) didn’t notice: Eugene had turned on his tape recorder, capturing the two talking about Dwight’s betrayal of Negan and the Saviors in detail. Oops.

We also learned that Eugene was indeed Negan through and through, or at least so long as Negan has the ability to bash his brains in. Given the cowardice of our former favorite mullet man, that makes him one of the most dangerous Saviors right now. He was clearly responsible for blazing a path out of the Sanctuary and we wouldn’t be surprised if the flashback that reveals how they escaped also includes him naming Dwight as the betrayer.

All in all, it’s not looking good for Dwight next episode.

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