Was It Glenn On The Radio On ‘The Walking Dead’?

11.16.15 2 years ago 19 Comments

(Spoilers for season six of The Walking Dead.)

In a season that has already been filled with cliffhangers, we got another one this week on Walking Dead. It seems like we just can’t end an episode without someone shouting for help or a character (either beloved Glenn or just-getting-to-know-you Spencer) possibly dying. And last night, we again got one of the former.

Last night’s episode had quite a lot going for it. We were introduced to new characters, both bad and, well, still kinda bad (but in a way motivated by the need to survive). We got to see where Darryl, Abraham, and Sasha ended up during the walker horde kerfuffle, even getting a further look into what gives Lethal Weapon-esque Abraham an itchy asshole. Plus, some RPGs to take on zombie helicopters. But just when it seemed like the episode would end on a (somewhat) high note, a not-so-clear voice came through on the trio’s CB radio with a single word: “Help.”

Now, we don’t know who made this cry for help, but the Internet jumped to the most logical conclusion of it coming from Glenn. His fate is still up in the air, after all, and we’ve already seen characters come back from some pretty awful circumstances in Walking DeadNorman Reedus said that it isn’t Glenn on the radio, but come on, how many times have a cast or crew member blatantly lied about a show’s mystery just to keep us guessing? We speculated on the plenty of other options that the voice may belong to. But what do you think: Was it Glenn or someone else on the walkie?

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