‘The Walking Dead’ Is Already Teasing How They Can Bring Back A Fan-Favorite In The Future

WARNING: Spoilers for The Walking Dead below, though this is just a courtesy for people waiting to binge the latest season. Most already know what happened.

In case you live under a rock or decided long ago that The Walking Dead wasn’t for you, the latest season arrived with quite a shock thanks to the brutal departure of two main characters. It was a turning point for many who watched the series and a tense moment that carried some expected ideas into unexpected territory. You knew someone was going to bite it, but you didn’t think the show would go any further than that.

That doesn’t mean the show is ready to say goodbye to certain characters for good. We’ve seen dead characters return for appearances numerous times, including Lori and Abraham, but executive producer Scott Gimple tells TV Line a fan favorite we lost earlier this season could see a return too:

It’s “certainly possible,” says EP Gimple, that Steven Yeun might reprise his role for some newly created flashbacks or a vision or something. “I’d be silly to say it isn’t.” But, if a Glenn sighting were to be tied to his baby’s arrival, you could have quite a wait ahead of you. “She might not be that close,” Gimple hastened to add. “Things have been moving pretty quickly, but not a lot of time has passed.”

This is a sweet bit of news to hold on to for Glenn fans, but could it be the only way Steven Yeun could make a return to the show? Ghost Glenn sticking around and helping Maggie lead Hilltop would be a nice switch up from just a silly flashback, but there’s more the show could do.

Glenn could make an appearance on Fear The Walking Dead, or maybe it’s Glenn’s brother showing up in a leather jacket and an evil streak. That’s some surefire ratings juice. If not that, how about if Glenn’s body is kidnapped by a government body that still exists under Washington, D.C. and they fit him with a robotic head. That might be more of a comic storyline, but why not? Or maybe the very end of the series, Glenn wakes up and it’s all been in his mind. Fresh ideas, people.

(Via TV Line)