Daryl Dixon Is Public Enemy #1 For What Happened During ‘The Walking Dead’ Premiere

In Sunday’s The Walking Dead season seven premiere, after months of being lied to, we finally learned who Negan killed: Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee. Fans are a little [endless crying emoji] right now, especially over Glenn, who’s been on the nihilistic zombie series since the first episode. He was the endlessly optimistic heart of the group — he even found love in the most hopeless of places. But now he’s dead, and it’s all thanks to… Daryl Dixon?

After turning Abraham’s head into a smashed pumpkin, Negan resumed taunting Rick’s gang, including sticking his “dirty girl” Lucille in the face of Rosita, who he suspects was romantically involved with Abraham. Unable to take anymore, an emotionally furious Daryl got up and punched Negan in the face. That was a mistake. Negan’s not one to let this kind of behavior fly, so as punishment, he took a swing at Glenn. And another. And another. And another, until there was nothing left. It’s easy to think of the sadistic Negan as the villain right now, but according to Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Talking Dead, “In my mind, he’s not a bad guy and he’s still letting these guys off easy at this point.” He continued, “Remember, they took out a quite a few of my folks. And remember, if it weren’t for Daryl, Glenn would still be alive!”

Don’t worry, Dean Morgan: the internet hasn’t forgotten.


We’ll have much more on The Walking Dead throughout the day, assuming the Daryl vs. Glenn situation doesn’t rip a hole in the internet.