The Subjects Of The Unholiest ‘The Walking Dead’ Fan ‘Ship’ Have Finally Broken Their Silence On The Topic

Fan fiction happens. With a franchise as enduring as The Walking Dead, it would be unheard of to not see people wistfully hoping that characters would hook up while living through the ongoing gasps of the apocalypse. For example, the “Jaaron” whispers (not the greatest word for me to use, given how one of these characters died) of Jesus and Aaron possibly hooking up make a lot of sense. And surely, some people have thought about what would have happened if Jesus walked in on Rick and Michonne with different results.

There are also, if you care to look them up, fanfics about Negan’s love affair with his baseball bat, Lucille. The barbed-wire aspect makes this sound, well, unfeasible to achieve, but what makes even less sense is the suggestion that Maggie would ever decide to get busy with Negan. Yeah, that would never happen, or a bigger contingent of fans would certainly rage. Granted, Negan did at one point reveal that he wished to get down with “the widow,” but Maggie was rightfully full of nothing but contempt for the Saviors’ leader.

Yet jokingly or not, the fanfic beast did come for Maggie and Negan, and ahead of The Walking Dead: Dead City, here’s what an “amused” Jeffrey Dean Morgan (and apparently Lauren Cohan) offered on the subject:

“I am incredibly amused by it. I find it fascinating that people are shipping them because when I watched the show and when we were playing these scenes, what’s really fascinating is that she might kill me at any minute, or he may kill her. I thought that was more interesting than anything else. But other people look at it like, “Oh, hey, they should be together.” We both are very amused by the whole thing.”

Good god, a Maggie and Negan hookup would be an abomination. He essentially ruined her life and shattered her family (and broke the spirit of Rick Grimes) while beating the hell out of Glenn in the show’s most brutal death scene. Redemption arc or not, there is no place for any warm or fuzzy feelings between these two. Yikes.

The Walking Dead: Dead City premieres on June 18.

(Via Collider)