‘The Walking Dead’ Devotees Are Hot And Bothered By The All That ‘Moaning’ In This Week’s ‘The Ones Who Live’

Last year, the The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon viewers got slightly worked up by their generally unwashed hero taking a bath, although overall, that show skewed toward asexual (“chaste” seems like the wrong word despite a nun’s apparent interest). And that — let’s get real — is consistent with Norman Reedus’ character despite his talents with a rocket launcher.

“Asexual” definitely is not the vibe for The Ones Who Live, given that this series showcases the long-awaited reunion between Rick Grimes and Michonne. As shown above, viewers have caught glimpses of Rick’s dreams about being able to court Michonne in a “normal” world without walkers and the CRM afoot, ruining all the romance. The series has nabbed incredible ratings thus far, and the same is sure to be reported of this Sunday’s episode, in which Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira prove that they’ve still got that chemistry.

Actually, what transpired is on par with the pair’s first original-series hookup, which ended with Jesus walking in on the butt-naked couple, which was a fun moment in fan reactions when Twitter was still also fun. Well, Twitter got some spice back after watching Rick and Michonne steal an opportunity to make out while the CRM wasn’t looking. Yes, there was moaning involved.

Can you blame them? These two have some pent-up frustration to work out and can barely find a moment without surveilling eyes ruining their mojo. Of course, people got hot and bothered while watching: “[I]f Rick and Michonne are moaning like this now imagine when they’re actually ALONE ALONE.” And good for them because you gotta find a little joy in this world.

AMC’s The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live airs on Sunday nights.