Leaked Finale Song May Offer Clues About Who Dies On ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale


Speculation about who will die in The Walking Dead sixth season finale has been active basically since it was announced that Jeffrey Dean Morgan had been cast as Negan. It’s clear, too, that we have been playing into showrunner Scott Gimple’s hands in the back half of this season, as he has seemingly narrowed in on half a dozen people in these last four episodes, as though he’s building up our emotional connection to them before he takes them away.

Will it be Glenn, who has cheated death several times this season, and whose luck may finally run out? Will it be his wife, Maggie, who is pregnant on a show that can’t afford another baby, and who has also taken a leadership role in Alexandria? Will it be Michonne, who has developed a romantic relationship with Rick, making her ripe for emotional heartbreak (it won’t be Michonne). Will it be Morgan, whose character is at odds with Rick, and who is apparently building a jail cell back in Alexandria? It could be Carol, who is reverting to the more timid version of herself? Or will it be The Walking Dead fan favorite, Daryl, whose utility on the show is limited, not to mention the fact that Norman Reedus has his own show in the making.

We may have some clues in the form of the song that will play in the sixth season finale. An Uproxx reader, Samuel Quentin, has identified several sources — The Talking Dead, among them — who have fingered Maya Lavelle’s “This Ain’t the End,” as the song that will play at season’s end. What can we surmise from the lyrics?

According to Quentin’s tip, the lyrics suggests either Daryl or Glenn will die in the season finale.

The “Daryl will die” Camp believe that Emily Kinney will make a reappearance and possibly do a cover of this song, appearing as a vision to Daryl and welcoming him to join her. Lyrics like “I’m in the garden, drinking bourbon” suggest this and the fact that Emily was spotted on set.

The “Glenn will die” Camp believe that these are the words of Maggie, “We are family” and “Our legacy will never die” – referring to the baby. A lot of times the theme of “Children are our future” are touched upon especially during the last episode.

Of those two scenarios, I am more inclined to go with the Daryl will die camp, if only because the idea of Emily Kinney’s Beth singing to him would be the most heartbreaking season finale ever. One question still remains, however: Will Negan kill Daryl (or Glenn), or will it be Rick?

Hat Tip: Samuel Quentin

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