‘The Walking Dead’ Now Has An Official VR App For Anyone Dreaming Of Being Hunted By Walkers

10.19.17 5 months ago


Have you ever found yourself perusing the post-apocalyptic hellscape pictured in The Walking Dead> and thought “yes, I’d like to put my face in that?” Well, AMC has got your number.

The Emmy-friendly cable network has unveiled an immersive virtual reality app with the promise of plunking users into the worlds of The Walking Dead and Into the Badlands. The sensibly dubbed AMC VR is part of AMC’s attempt to tap in on the viewer’s sense of experience. According to the press material, the app is a combo of virtual experiences and access to relevant material.

The AMC VR app, which is available now for iOS, Android, Gear VR and Google Daydream, allows users to experience virtual scenarios such as becoming a walker from “The Walking Dead” or getting Hong Kong-style martial arts training from the “Into the Badlands” Fight Camp. Users will also be able to watch the latest AMC trailers and behind-the-scenes video in the AMC VR app’s screening room.

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