‘The Walking Dead’ Will Reportedly Introduce A Spin-Off Character For A Six-Episode Arc

When last we checked in with The Walking Dead spin-off a few days ago, Bleeding Cool had gotten their hands on the pilot script, which indicated that spin-off series would take place in Los Angeles during the time in which Rick Grimes was in a coma in Atlanta. In other words, the spin-off would cover the confusion and uncertainty surrounding the outbreak, before anyone realized that it would result in a zombie apocalypse. So, it’ll be a prequel, of sorts.

Since then, lawyers got involved and made Bleeding Cool remove the excerpts from the pilot script, which strongly suggests that it was legit. So, we basically know that the spin-off will take place during that uncertain time.

This news, from The Nerdist, adds a new wrinkle to that. The Nerdist reiterates that the spin-off will be called Fear the Walking Dead, but adds that a cast member from the spin-off will appear for six episodes in the next season of The Walking Dead proper.

How does that work? Presumably, the sixth season of The Walking Dead will feature flashbacks, which will introduce the spin-off character. That may additionally allow us to see less grizzled versions of the existing characters, plus perhaps even allow Robert Kirkman to bring back some now deceased characters, like Beth and T. Dog for cameos.

I guess the question remains: How does that spin-off character get from Atlanta to Los Angeles during a zombie apocalypse? For that, we’ll probably just have to wait and see.

Via Nerdist