What The Cast Of ‘The Wire’ Has Been Up To Lately

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06.15.17 4 Comments

15 years ago this month, HBO debuted The Wire, a multi-perspective look at crime, law enforcement, poverty, government, education, and journalism in Baltimore, Maryland. Boasting a large, diverse, and immensely talented cast, it’s no surprise that most of the actors have gone on to be a part of other landmark TV shows and films (and also, approximately 300 Law & Order episodes as lawyers, cops, and crooks). As we celebrate the show (which is available to stream anytime on HBO Now) and recall all it did to advance television drama, it made sense to look at what the cast from The Wire has been up to lately.

Dominic West – Jimmy McNulty


The English-born actor played the hard-drinking detective James “Jimmy” McNulty and gave the show the closest thing it had to a main character. Since being stripped of his badge in the series finale, Dominic West continues to work steadily in U.S. and English productions, including the role of Sab Than in 2012’s ambitious Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation John Carter, and as Jigsaw in Punisher: War Zone. His biggest post-Wire role was as Noah Holloway in Showtime’s acclaimed series The Affair, which was just renewed for a fourth season. He’s currently filming the Tomb Raider reboot, playing Lara’s father, Lord Richard Croft, due out in 2018.

Off camera, West remains very involved in theater, starring in a number of productions at the Donmar Theater in London, as well as The Crucible Theater in Sheffield. He’s also been a big supporter of charities, including Helen’s Trust, which helps those with terminal diseases stay in their own homes. In 2013, he led Team Canada/Australia on a trek to the South Pole for Walking For The Wounded as part of a fundraising event for veterans wounded in service.

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