Henry Cavill Reading From ‘The Witcher’ Might Put You In The Monster-Hunting Mindset

Plenty of folks frequently joke about being willing to turn out for any given project of their favorite actors, even if they’re simply “reading the phone book.” Does Henry Cavill qualify for that exaggerated claim? No doubt. He’s the most recent Man of Steel, and being British doesn’t hurt. Also, fans of The Witcher game and book series are awfully keen to find out whether the upcoming TV series will deliver upon the spirit of the source material. We do know that the final trailer readies the audience for battle while also introducing characters other than Cavill’s lone monster hunter, and the series will take a horror-based approach over a fantasy-soaked one. What else can Netflix do, other than spoil the hell out of The Witcher’s quests? The streaming giant can present Cavill articulating prose from one of the books

Good news, it’s happening. He opens up The Last Wish and reads from the scenes where Geralt of Rivia is first introduced by Andrzej Sapkowski. We’ll have a review up of the series next week, so we’ll save any description of how Geralt is introduced in the TV show for then, but Cavill’s reading certainly sets the stage for Geralt’s mindset. Witchers are scorned throughout the continent and feared due to their mutant status, so Geralt gets no respect. No wonder he’s so grumpy.

If you were wondering, yes, Cavill carries out his task below with aplomb. Even if this isn’t your chosen subject matter, you’ll enjoy hearing him speak.