The Youngest Actors In Television Finally React To Their Emmy Nomination Snubs

After the Emmy nominations were announced this morning, as you’d expect, publicists were called, actors were stirred from their slumber at 5:30 in the morning in California to offer groggy reactions, and many of them took to Twitter to express their gratitude. Others, like Kurt Sutter, bemoaned yet another year with no nominations for Sons of Anarchy (although, to be fair, the show did get a song nomination this year).

But there was one subset of Hollywood actors who were never contacted for their reactions to the Emmy nominations or their own EGREGIOUS snubs. They put in the work. The logged the hours. They often brought in their twins. With very little screen time, they won our sympathies. And yet, NO RECOGNITION. And it’s not like any of them have a lot of opportunities to gain Emmy nominations. One, two years tops, and then someone else comes along to replace them.

Here were there reactions of television’s slighted babies:

“This was my year! It was my final year of eligibility. I did everything right! How could they forget about me? IT BREAKS MY HEART!” — Baby Holly from Breaking Bad

“I drove a car! I did my own stunts! This is a MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE.” — Baby Marvin from How I Met Your Mother

“Oh, I totally get why I got passed over this. YOU WERE NEVER SUPPOSED TO SHOW THE BABY, NBC. THAT’S THE F**KING POINT. It’s like you’ve never seen the original before. FOR SHAME, NBC. I shouldn’t have even been eligible.” — The Baby from Rosemary’s Baby

“Look: Nobody knows my name. Nobody cares about me. Hell, I killed my mother in childbirth. But that shouldn’t matter! Everyone else on this godforsaken show was nominated, and none of them deserved it, either. There’s no reason I shouldn’t have been nominated, too! I’m in Downton Abbey. IT SHOULD BE AUTOMATIC.” — That baby from Downton Abbey

“What? Emmys? WHO CARES? LOOK AT WHAT I CAN DO WITH THESE CUPS! Let’s see Cranston do THIS!” — Baby Judith from The Walking Dead