There’s An Entire Subreddit Dedicated To TV Shows People Only ‘Watch For The Plot’

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02.12.14 19 Comments

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Has anyone sat through all of Wild Things, the Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell, Kevin Bacon, and Denise Richards-starring “erotic thriller” from 1998 that was always weirdly checked out of the video store? No, because despite the presence of Bill Murray, Wild Things is AWFUL, but it does have one very popular scene, especially among men and women who are upset Dillon didn’t take it off in Herbie: Fully Loaded.

It’s for that reason the subreddit “Watch It For the Plot” should be renamed The Wild Things Effect: it’s an entire shameful section of the Internet dedicated to TV shows and movies people only watch “for the plot.” (They’re probably the same guys and girls who read Playboy “for the articles.”) Examples include:

Almost Human

gina almost human

House of Lies (I have no idea what’s happening here)


Modern Family

modern family

Person of Interest

person interest

True Blood (OK, this one wasn’t on the subreddit, but c’mon)

alcide shirtless

Orphan Black


There are many, many, many, many good reasons to watch Orphan Black. Shower scenes are reason #114.

Via NSFW Reddit

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