There’s Gonna Be A Paula Deen Museum, Y’all

05.28.13 6 Comments

Paula Deen rode from rags to riches on the back of a stallion made of butter and salted pork products. You could spend the rest of your life holed up in the Library of Congress doing research, and you would still never find a more American story than that. And so, as we’ve done so for other, lesser figures throughout our country’s history (Washington, Jefferson, etc.), we’re about to honor her in the only way that makes sense: We’re turning her house into a museum.

Led by businesswoman B.J. Fletcher, who announced recently plans to run for a seat on the Albany City Commission, and Jimmy Deen, Paula’s ex-husband who still lives in Albany with his wife, Therlus, a local group is working with city officials to turn Paula Deen’s childhood home into a museum that they hope will attract her legion of fans to her hometown.

“It just takes my breath away that folks back in Albany would consider doing something like this,” Paula Deen said of the plan, which she has given her blessing. “I’m just trying to wrap my head around this incredible honor. I would want something like this to be a symbol of hope for people looking to make their lives better.” [Albany Herald]

Can I be honest with you guys? When I first heard that Paula Deen was getting a museum, I was so excited. SO EXCITED. I imagined entire wings of butter sculptures, and bronzed deep-fryers, and a huge room made out of ham. I wanted that to be a thing that exists. So when I found out that “the Paula Deen museum” was actually just going to be her childhood home, I was super disappointed. I mean, talk about a letdown, you know?

But then I realized something: There’s still time. Someone Kickstart this. Let’s make it a reality. For America.

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