These Kids Are Terrible

12.29.11 29 Comments

“Legends of the Hidden Temple” was one of a handful of game shows Nickelodeon made in the 1990s that featured kids competing in physical events to try to win prizes. For the show’s final event, the two-person team that survived a number of preliminary challenges would try to navigate the temple to retrieve an “artifact,” while dodging the temple guards who were there to protect it (in hindsight, having a half-dressed man jump out of the shadows to grab unsuspecting kids was awfully abduct-y, right?). If they got to the artifact before time ran out, they would win the grand prize and the envy of everyone under age 14 — except the kids who won a piece of the Aggro Crag on “GUTS,” who all probably died before their 18th birthdays of high five related injuries.

All that preamble brings me to this point: the kids in this video are the worst. Their attempted navigation of the temple features more backtracking, meandering, and questionable logic than a drunk trying to walk home from a bar in a strange city. As someone who spent a huge chunk of his childhood watching these kinds of shows and yelling at the TV when people made mistakes, it makes me FURIOUS. They’re a disgrace to Olmec. I won’t stand for it.

Big ups to Holly for the tip.

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