This ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Documentary Attempts To Decode Exactly Why The Show Fell Apart

Dave Chappelle’s stint at Radio City Music Hall is coming to an end later this week and, with his recent series of appearances across television and media to promote it, it must seem like the perfect time to relive Chappelle’s Show. That’s probably why this documentary, long removed from YouTube, has resurfaced on Vimeo.

The consensus seemed to be that the end of Chappelle’s Show was explained by the Oprah interview and the Inside The Actor’s Studio interview he did, and he really opened up on Letterman a week or so back. But if all of that wasn’t enough for you, Mischief Makers have re-released their documentary put together from behind the scenes footage, interviews and other media featuring the parties themselves explaining why the show ended.

From The AV Club:

The documentary uses footage from multiple sources, including the difficult interview Chappelle conducted with Oprah shortly after his return from the two-week sojourn in South Africa that marked his break from the show, as well as his 2006 episode of Inside The Actors Studio. Brennan’s side of the story mostly comes from a 2012 episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast, in which the writer and comedian discussed at length the breakdown of his friendship with Chappelle, and the way corporate interests at Comedy Central encouraged the fracturing of their partnership.

The documentary doesn’t hope to provide any concrete answers to the enduring mystery of Chappelle’s retreat from the spotlight, but it does paint an intriguing picture—in the man’s own words—of a young, brilliant comedian suddenly forced to be the spokesman for his brand, his network, and his race, and the incredible pressures that came with it.

It’s a long watch, but had an interesting start from the few minutes I took in. Might be worth a look with the weak television slate we have this week. Like I said previously, it’s probably best that the show stayed dead. It was a bright fire for two seasons and it should stay as such. Still fun to look back though, especially while the man himself is in the spotlight.

(Via Mischief Makers / Vulture / The AV Club)