This Week’s ‘SNL’ Deleted Sketch Features Cocktails And A Dog Who Loves To Party

05.12.14 5 Comments

Here’s this week’s SNL deleted sketch. It features Charlize Theron and Beck Bennett as an old married couple at cocktail hour whose hatred for each other comes bursting out more and more with each drink. Like last week’s deleted sketch, and some of the other ones before that, it’s really funny and really weird. Unlike the other deleted sketches, however, it features an Academy Award winner doing an ice luge out of a sculpture’s butt crack. So it has that going for it.

I’m not exactly sure who’s making the calls on which sketches get deleted and which ones get aired (and again, it probably has something to do with most of these deleted sketches being pre-recorded as opposed to live and in-studio), but I will say that I kind of loved this one, and I feel like it would have made a nice inclusion in this week’s lacklaster episode. Then again, I’m a sucker for any sketch that ends with a cool dog wearing sunglasses and a beer helmet, so…


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