This Woman Lives With 700 Cats

07.21.11 8 years ago 18 Comments

Nat Geo WILD will air a special called “The Lady With 700 Cats” on July 30th — a Saturday night, because that’s prime TV-watching time for single people who own cats. The program is narrated by Jane Lynch and focuses on Lynea Lattanzio, who runs California’s largest cat sanctuary. From press materials:

Her own cat was all she wanted as a little girl. Her mother said, “No.” Now she has more than 700.

“I bet she’s sorry now!” says Lynea Lattanzio, referring to her mother’s forbiddance of felines in the house.  Founder and owner of California’s largest no-cage, no-kill cat sanctuary, Lattanzio lives with more than 700 cats.

I’ve got two preview videos below, and the images are staggering. SO. MANY. CATS. Boxes of kittens, old pissed-off cats, a constant soundtrack of mewling — as someone who’s allergic to cats, I have trouble breathing just watching it. However, as someone who works on the Internet, I can tell that this is gold, Jerry, GOLD! *puts on LMFAO with Lil Jon* CATS! CATS! CATS CATS CATS! CATS! CATS! CATS CATS CATS! CATS!

As you might assume about a woman with 700 cats, Lynea doesn’t have a family. And though her people skills aren’t terrific (as seen in the video below), she does seem to be the least crazy of the crazy cat ladies I’ve seen.

WARNING: The second video’s kind of a downer. Worth watching for the kitten CPR, though.

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