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“Three Sheets” is a show on the Fine Living Channel in which host Zane Lamprey (awesome pro wrestling name) travels around the world and gets drunk with locals. It’s like “No Reservations” or “Man vs. Food,” but with booze. The only problem: it’s on Fine Living Channel, which few people have and fewer people watch. That makes this video good news: in it, Lamprey announces that “Three Sheets” will appear on the Travel Channel for one month beginning in April.

Without getting all Grampa Oldendays on everyone, I really do wish that alcohol was portrayed like this on television more. You know, instead of young jackasses on MTV reality shows stumbling around like idiots, maybe they could show how alcohol fits into cultural traditions. And THEN show people stumbling around like idiots.

Take me, for example. As a mixologist and a gentleman, I take a lot of care to make a perfectly balanced Manhattan. And then I sip it responsibly while I watch television alone before making two more, drinking those, and eventually just start drinking whiskey on ice. Sure, it’s depressing and pitiful, but it’s still more dignified than “Jersey Shore.”

(thanks, Chris!)

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