‘SNL’ Turns Tiffany Haddish Into The Oddest And Greatest ‘Mortal Kombat’ Character Ever

Entertainment Editor
11.12.17 2 Comments

Saturday Night Live has embraced the ever-expanding world of eSports while simultaneously touching upon those tough moments when you just don’t know what fighting game character to pick. In a high-stakes ‘Death Fight 12’ tournament (which very much looks like Mortal Kombat), Pete Davidson and Kenan Thompson face off to determine who is the best Death Fight 12 player ever. The only hang up is that Thompson isn’t familiar with the characters of the game. Way to make us suspend disbelief, SNL! The swaying of the fighters is absolutely spot-on, though.

Eventually, Thompson decides on Boo Boo Jeffries, who has perhaps the best and most confident player select screen in the history of gaming. She’s a cross between Jackie Brown and Kitana, but with more sh*t talk.

As Scorponox opens the first round with a punch directly to the nose which drains Boo Boo’s life fully. She leaves, then pulls off her special maneuver — shouting “Rihanna” multiple times. Scorponox looks on, unfazed. Thompson inputs a combo for Boo Boo called “Marked for death” which means she gets her sister’s husband Mark to come out and get in the face of Scorponox, who eliminates Mark with ease. In the end, Boo Boo Jenkins “wins” but also doesn’t.

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