‘Tiger King’s Carole Baskin Is Making Thousands On Cameo, But One Topic Is Off Limits

Tiger King is no longer in the Netflix top 10 (it’ll have to settle for being the defining piece of culture from the quarantine-era, which is an extremely cool thing to think about), but it’s still resonating with people. Last week, Big Cat Rescue owner Carole Baskin joined Cameo, where for the low (?) price of $200, the inspiration for the song “Killer Carole” will wish your niece Rachel a happy bar mitzvah, or whatever. And she’s making bank.

TMZ reports that “she’s gotten over 600 Cameo requests so far,” good for nearly $120,000 (minus whatever Cameo takes out) in only a week. Baskin could be making Gottfried-level money, but “she’s turned down lots of requests from people who want her to talk about her missing and presumed dead husband.” She told TMZ, “I decline their requests to say things that would make fun of my husband’s disappearance because that was such a tragic time in my life, and in that of those who loved him.”

Joe Exotic’s nemesis from the hit Netflix docuseries, Tiger King, tells us she doesn’t think the people making those requests are doing it to be mean spirited, but regardless of how long it’s been, talking about her missing husband’s a sore subject.

Maybe ask one of the other Caroles/Carols/Carolines on Cameo what they think about Baskin and Joe Exotic and Jack “Don” Lewis. “Influencer” Caroline Calloway is a steal at only $100, although she might take your money, then not make a video.

(Via TMZ)