The Band From ‘Tiger King’ Released A New Song Called ‘Killer Carole’

The Netflix doc series Tiger King may have lost its spot as the most-watched Netflix conent, its throne usurped by Gru and his Minions. But it’s still going strong, with new twists still coming. During last week, it was revealed the will belonging to Don Lewis, Carole Baskin’s missing husband, was a forgery. Speaking of which, the band from the show have released a new song with an interesting title: “Killer Carole.”

As per Entertainment Weekly, the Vince Johnson Band — the outfit that recorded all the songs “star” Joe Exotic used to pass off as his own, among them the quite popular “I Saw a Tiger” — returned with their first new song since getting a record deal, signing with BMG Rights Management and Create Music Group. And they don’t tread lightly. The song is based around the theory, floated most enthusiastically by Joe Exotic himself, that Baskin, his arch-nemesis, murdered her husband.

Does Joe, and all the others parroting this theory, have hard proof? No. But this song — written and performed only by Johnson, as former member Daniel Clinton died last year — has just added fuel to a fire that’s raged over the internet since the show’s release in March.

The lryics aren’t subtle: “Is the body buried deep, is the body underground?” sings Johnson. “Tell me, Killer Carole, where the body can be found? Was he chewed in little pieces in the belly of the beast? Tell me killer Carole, baby, how you gonna sleep?”

An entire episode of Tiger King was devoted to Joe’s theory about Baskin. Baskin, meanwhile, has denied all accusations.

You can listen to the song in the video above.

(Via EW)