‘Tiger King’ Did Not Fare Well At This Year’s Emmy Awards

Tiger King was the first big TV hit of the quarantine era, bowing on Netflix soon after the coronavirus pandemic took over our lives and sent us hiding in doors. In the six months since, the lurid doc series been a continued object of obsession, with hairpin twists involving jailed zookeeper Joe Exotic and arch-nemesis Carole Baskin continuing after its seven episodes and special ended. But while it has its critics, one group that wasn’t as impressed with it as others was the Emmys.

That’s not entirely true: They did give it six nominations, all in their “Creative Arts” wing, which were handed out before Sunday’s big, televised show. The biggest of those was Outstanding Documentary of Nonfiction Series. Alas, that one went to the Michael Jordan series The Last Dance. And when it was handed out Saturday night, it put the nail in the coffin of the idea that Tiger King would be an Emmy star.

The other five awards, which were handed out over the last week, included ones for documentary/nonfiction directing, nonfiction picture editing, documentary series or special music composition (original dramatic score), nonfiction or reality program sound editing (single or multi-camera), nonfiction or reality program sound mixing, and documentary or nonfiction series (single or multi-camera). It lost those, too. Well, at least Carole Baskin still has Dancing with the Stars, at least of this writing.

(Via Variety)