Joe Exotic Is Lashing Out At Carole Baskin’s ‘Treachery’ After She Won His ‘Tiger King’ Zoo In Court

Earlier in the week, animal rights activists Carole Baskin was awarded full control of the infamous zoo featured in the Netflix series Tiger King. Baskin had successfully sued Joseph Maldonado-Passage, a.k.a. “Joe Exotic,” and the animal trainer isn’t taking the decision lying down.

According to CNN, Exotic’s legal team plans to file an appeal to fight the lawsuit decision and take back control of the animal sanctuary, but not before drumming up public support by referencing the death of George Floyd? That’s an awkward approach to say the least:

“While we again acknowledge it is truly time to pray for justice for George Floyd’s family as well as an end to systemic racism in America, we must address Carol [sic] Baskin’s treachery before it goes unchecked,” a tweet from an account run by Maldonado-Passage’s management team read.

Of course, it doesn’t bode well for Exotic’s case that he’s currently serving a 22-year sentence for animal abuse and attempting to have Baskin killed in a murder-for-hire plot that was prominently featured in the Netflix docuseries. However, Baskin has recently ran into some trouble of her own.

As part of the ongoing investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Baskin’s husband Down Lewis, the Hillsborough County sheriff’s department has confirmed that the strange will leaving Baskin her husband’s fortune is “100% a forgery.” The will had raised eyebrows from the start due to the fact that it contained a line about making Baskin the beneficiary if Lewis should ever disappear. Experts have said that wills don’t normally predict that a person will go missing before it happens, but nothing in the Tiger King world has ever been normal.

(Via CNN)