Timothy Olyphant Informs Conan Of His Foolproof Method Of Making New Year’s Resolutions

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01.07.14 8 Comments

I can’t blame Timothy Olyphant for deciding to keep his New Year’s resolutions to a base minimum. It’s why I’ve decided to keep masturbating and drink more coffee in the New Year. I’m already doing a lot of both and it should be a lot easier than vowing to lose weight or finding a real job.

Justified is back on Tuesday and not a moment too soon. This interview on Conan is a nice little tease at what we’ve been missing and exhibits a bit of that natural charm Olyphant brings to the character of Raylan Givens.

The rise of Timothy Olyphant as a leading man has always been a pleasant surprise to me. I remember him as the wise cracking sidekick in Gone In 60 Seconds and the lukewarm murderer from Scream 2, and when he first broke out with Deadwood, I was kind of shocked. I thought it was a weird choice until I saw the show, realized the error of my ways and never doubted the man again.

It’s also nice to know that Olyphant has a lot in common with my scumbag uncle, a man who resolved to spend his entire life drinking more and caring less. I can only hope to live half as well, just without the scabies and troubles with the law.

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