Today We Learned That 'Justified's' Walton Goggins Loves Women With Long Pubic Hair

Walton Goggins’ Justified character is absolutely fascination in its evolution. The Boyd Crowder we met in the pilot episode of Justified — the character who was originally supposed to be killed off — was a rocket-launching, born-again white supremacist. Over the course of the series, however, as the audience became more invested in Boyd Crowder, he’s evolved from a racist miscreant to a charming anti-villain who, at times, borders on anti-hero. Ahead of the debut of Justified tonight, the man behind Boyd, Walton Goggins, gave a fascinating interview with New York Magazine (read the whole thing), but the most fascinating tidbit is Goggins’ affection for sprawling, old-school pubic hair on ladies.

From New York Magazine:

“Can I tell you how much I miss pubic hair?” Goggins confides. “My mom was a bit of a hippie, and I grew up seeing it on her and her sisters. It’s so beautiful, so feminine. To me, if the size of a penis dictates virility, the length of a woman’s pubic hair dictates her femininity.” I suggest that this might be a minority opinion in the era of the Brazilian. He shakes his head. “Men don’t even want hair on their bodies anymore. What’s going on? We’re animals, man! It’s really f*cking weird.”

There’s a lot to process and unpack from that statement, but I’ll let you all draw your own conclusions. I don’t know what to think about Walton Goggins’ tastes in pubic hair, but I’m glad he said it, and now I’m awfully curious about Ava Crowder. The scene from American Pie 2 is likely the closest we’ll ever get to finding out.

(Source: Vulture)